White Walls And Dirty Minds.

So this is just the most fucked up thing I think that has ever happened to me.


As you may know, I am not a daily Blogger. I do not want to feel obligated to write something just so It can be a daily thing… i,e –  I had this sandwich today, it was simply devine!   or…   Oh, this little skank in front of me at starbucks was wearing Ugg boots AND a velvet fuschia track suit! of course I poured coffee on her and slapped her mother.

Maybe thats the kind of shit you want to read daily…. But perhaps if I spent all my time blogging, I wouldnt be out and about convincing parents to review the return policy on their atrocious offspring. I can assure you however that when I do sit down and dedicate time to writing, you best believe I got somethin to say.

The topic I am diving into today is about self discovery and the repercussions of opening your eyes and exploring the world.

I have always been quiet, This is no shock to those of you that know me. I have recently decided that I want to learn new things and attempt to be more social…  so while at work the other day, I came up with a to do list with my friend Angie laying out the topics in my life Id like to dig deeper into.

Long story short, we decided that I need to pick a country and learn everything I possibly can about it. I listed off a number of countries that I would enjoy learning about (Belgium being my first choice) but just by having interest in them we decided to make a random drawing instead. Angie took a piece of paper and wrote a bunch of countries on them before cutting it all up and crunching them into random balls of paper. I was to pick three, and they would disappear. then pick two more, and they would disappear. until the last two remaining was up to me to pick one, and that one would be taken away.

so what country did I end up with out of all this?

Exactly. Thus began the churning undercurrent of wierd-ness.

So onward and upward, later that day I found myself at home fooling around on some recordings and checking in and out of facebook and whatever, when I fell upon a comment in a post from my friend Cynthia. (See Below) 

<– What the fuck is Post-Djent- Step??

Djent is a heavy metal music subgenre that emerged as a spin-off from progressive metal. Coined by the band Meshuggah, it was popularized through the internet by Periphery, specifically guitarist Misha Mansoor. The word “djent” is an onomatopoeia for a heavily palm-muted, distorted guitar chord. Typically, the word is used to refer to music that makes use of this sound, to the sound itself, or to the scene that revolves around it.

Needless to say, I fucking cannot stand Djent.  As I sifted through youtube checking out bands that categorize themselves as “Djent” I became more and more ill. at this point, it was nearly 2 am and I was sufficiently inebriated. Out of nowhere, I saw a video for a band called “Woods Of Ypres”. What caught me right away is that I thought the video clip was a picture of me. Intrigued, I clicked the link.

(Shown below is a picture of David gold, next to a photo of myself taken 3 years ago)

But the problem is, Just having a similar haircut and beard style were not the only strange things about this video clip. To keep things from being drawn out and fear of losing your interest, I will break down the following events numerically.

1. ”Woods of ypres – Buried in Mount Pleasant cemetery” is the name of the first track I heard. it interested me because my grandparents lived in Mount Pleasant.

2. Shortly after falling in love with this band, I found out that David Gold (singer) was killed in a car crash In december 2011, Just before Christmas… coincidentally, my grandma was just killed in a car crash (In Mount Pleasant) in April 2011, Just before Easter.

3. The more I listened to songs I began harmonizing, almost against my will to songs I had never heard before. and at some points, I was able to predict where a song would turn accurately.

4. Now well into the morning ( 4 Am, ish?) I decided to research what the fuck an Ypres was since it was on my to do list to learn new things. Ironically, I found out that Ypres is a municipality, of what country do you ask? Belgium. The very country I was set out to study.

5. The more I looked into Ypres, I learned During the Middle Ages, Ypres was a prosperous Flemish city, renowned for its linen trade with England. I studied fashion design after high school, Focusing primarily on textiles.

6. Also during the middle ages in Ypres, cats (then the symbol of the devil and witchcraft) were thrown off Cloth Hall (one of the largest commercial buildings of the Middle Ages). Sadly, my cat of nearly 10 years was laid to rest shortly before moving into my new house.

7. Finally, But not last… During World War I, due to it being hard to pronounce in English, British troop nicknamed the city “Wipers”.   This would make no sense ordinarily, but for the past year the wipers on my truck have been nonexistent, and I am constantly told if I do not fix them, I may die in a car crash.

so there you have it folks.. The most fucked up thing that has ever happened to me (this week) I have blended to two most recent pictures of David and myself to show physical similarities .. Not that I would ever consider myself to be as remotely talented as David, but I do sincerely think that everything happens for a reason.  I truly believe he came to me that night in spirit, and used my body to sing one more time.

Rest In peace, David Gold.  1980-2011

I dont want to get over you.

So many of you already know that the great road of departure is now finished, pressed,and all over the interwebs. As satisfying as it is to know that its over, Im still left feeling lost under a dark cloud wondering what have I done? Like a roller coaster I feel like I waited in line for two years, and now the ride is over. Oh well, I may have gotten off this ferris wheel, but Im still in the theme park and I have a lifetime membership… where are the damn elephant ears.

The process of recording this album took many, many hours of dedicated practice, isolation, and overall focus. If you know me, you know that I have a hard time even finishing a. where was I? oh, Coffee….

I entered the studio September 11th 2010, and Officially finished my business there march 31st, 2011. This whole tsunami swept me away when I had entered the studio just the produce two songs so I could get a feel for what a professional could do for me. Holy shit, I had no Idea what I was getting myself into. I had originally intended to record and produce this album in my basement, which had already started and was comfortably underway when this angel kissed me. The self titled E/p was so greatly received, I had it pressed and eventually within months sold out of my only 100 copies.

That is when The itch started to grow and I decided to finish the entire album at the studio no matter what It cost me. I booked more dates and began to whittle down the lyrical content I had compiled from years of scribbling on sticky notes and my arms. I even stopped drinking completely for a period in order to vitaminize myself due to severe pains in my wrists. The things I put myself through to get this album the best it could possibly be will never show unless you sit in complete silence, and just listen.

My final studio dates were set for the end of January, and because of severe stress from work and trying to finalize art concepts for the album I accepted an invitation from my dad to go up north for a few days and visit my grandparents. They live deep in the woods on a lake where phones do not get reception and people smile when they have no idea who you are. It was the perfect opportunity to get out of my head and just let the inspiration come to me. I took so many photos while I was there of my grandmas things, her home, and the surrounding cities. It was the perfect way to finish up all my loose ends and put some tape over live wires that were penetrating my skin.  After finishing my final dates at the studio, I sifted through hundreds of photos I had taken and decided upon a house I shot In Traverse city, A portrait taken in an abandoned Ballroom in detroit, and a photo of my grandmas dolls. There was something about them that after several beers for lunch they just spoke to me. I took about 25 pictures, and finally decided upon this one.

Four days after receiving the final pressings, Grandma was killed in a car wreck after a 16 year old girl ran a stop sign while she was out shopping for easter Sunday.

Although she never did get to hear the final product, I sleep well knowing she does have a copy next to her heart for all eternity.

Farewell, Betty.. Words will never express how much I will miss you.

Mike / Homme Alone

Listen / buy    The Great Road Of Departure Here

The Great Road Of Departure.

It has come

To my attention very recently that we are all disposable.

I fully realize that yes, I have always known that people die and no matter what you do,  you will eventually die as well… This is not the issue for todays writing, it is merely a platform for the topic.

What are you doing with your life? How will you be remembered?

First of all, even typing this blog pisses me off just a bit because essentially, Once I get run over by Tiffany avidly texting in her Cabriolet, or choke on a handful of almonds (full of vitamins, you know!) This website will sit dormant. Sadly, Unlike the historical architecture of this city, It will not begin to decay, rust, or peel away beautifully for others to find aesthetics in. It will just sit until removed by the site owners and you will never see it again. All this time Im sitting here, drinking coffee and staring out the window, is wasted.

Anyways, It came blindingly clear to me the other day that no matter how comfortable you are with your life, It could be flipped upside down and throw dirt in your mouth at any moment. It really does not matter how much money you make, or how many “Friends” you have because your own attitude on life draws your own path for you, and you will follow it off a cliff if thats what type of palette you are painting with.

Every action in life sparks a reaction.

How you react is completely up to you.

Love / M.

Ill be damned..

It is no secret by any means, that one of my favorite bands is Katatonia. I really do not understand how someone could listen to them and go “eh, Its ok”. Im pretty sure comments like this could be weighted next to the equivalent of me having a small pageant winning daughter, and having some over-medicated mother throw hot coffee in her face. I am not about to go on some raging tirade about how this band is much better than all ten of your favorites combined (which they are) or how each studio release (8 thus far) have been consistently fucktacular.

Im going to shuffle through the hogwash and get straight to the point. Out of every album released, my absolute favorite is by far 1996’s “Brave Murder Day”. From start to finish this album rises from my speakers like a vapor of torment, slowly masturbating my eardrums until I violently explode into a full out scream fest.

NOTE: (I recently discovered that this album originally got sent to packaging before ever getting mastered… which not only depresses/blows my mind at the same time, it proves that DAN SWANO is a fucking psychopath behind the boards. This is reason for the 2006 re-master, which I have still yet to hear and am pretty sure I never will)

This album is also important because, The vocals were performed by Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth) due to Jonas Renkse’s inability to deliver the harsh vocal stylings as expected on such a recording. This inability to deliver eventually caused the band to drastically change their Death/Doom sound, which lead to the birth of “The discouraged ones”.

Floating down the river.

Like any good prostitute, I believe that the perfect cup of coffee should be Strong, Black, And stored ground up in the freezer.

In the waiting room…

Now that the album has been completely recorded, It is out of my hands and in the mixing/mastering process. To some people this may be a period of relief, similar to that of having a child or popping a stubborn blemish. I can say in all honesty, I have never before experienced such a separation anxiety this massive. I guess you could call it post recording depression…

In better news, The title of the new record will be “Great road of departure”. The record will contain two songs off the previous E/p “Red to Grey” and “Hither Impure”, along with seven newly recorded tracks that are amongst the most soul exhuming and brutally honest works I have ever released.

The digital version of this record will be available on various webstores including Itunes by the beginning of March, While a limited physical pressing will be released at this years Ogrefest.


Cover art and tracklisting will be revealed shortly.