I dont want to get over you.

So many of you already know that the great road of departure is now finished, pressed,and all over the interwebs. As satisfying as it is to know that its over, Im still left feeling lost under a dark cloud wondering what have I done? Like a roller coaster I feel like I waited in line for two years, and now the ride is over. Oh well, I may have gotten off this ferris wheel, but Im still in the theme park and I have a lifetime membership… where are the damn elephant ears.

The process of recording this album took many, many hours of dedicated practice, isolation, and overall focus. If you know me, you know that I have a hard time even finishing a. where was I? oh, Coffee….

I entered the studio September 11th 2010, and Officially finished my business there march 31st, 2011. This whole tsunami swept me away when I had entered the studio just the produce two songs so I could get a feel for what a professional could do for me. Holy shit, I had no Idea what I was getting myself into. I had originally intended to record and produce this album in my basement, which had already started and was comfortably underway when this angel kissed me. The self titled E/p was so greatly received, I had it pressed and eventually within months sold out of my only 100 copies.

That is when The itch started to grow and I decided to finish the entire album at the studio no matter what It cost me. I booked more dates and began to whittle down the lyrical content I had compiled from years of scribbling on sticky notes and my arms. I even stopped drinking completely for a period in order to vitaminize myself due to severe pains in my wrists. The things I put myself through to get this album the best it could possibly be will never show unless you sit in complete silence, and just listen.

My final studio dates were set for the end of January, and because of severe stress from work and trying to finalize art concepts for the album I accepted an invitation from my dad to go up north for a few days and visit my grandparents. They live deep in the woods on a lake where phones do not get reception and people smile when they have no idea who you are. It was the perfect opportunity to get out of my head and just let the inspiration come to me. I took so many photos while I was there of my grandmas things, her home, and the surrounding cities. It was the perfect way to finish up all my loose ends and put some tape over live wires that were penetrating my skin.  After finishing my final dates at the studio, I sifted through hundreds of photos I had taken and decided upon a house I shot In Traverse city, A portrait taken in an abandoned Ballroom in detroit, and a photo of my grandmas dolls. There was something about them that after several beers for lunch they just spoke to me. I took about 25 pictures, and finally decided upon this one.

Four days after receiving the final pressings, Grandma was killed in a car wreck after a 16 year old girl ran a stop sign while she was out shopping for easter Sunday.

Although she never did get to hear the final product, I sleep well knowing she does have a copy next to her heart for all eternity.

Farewell, Betty.. Words will never express how much I will miss you.

Mike / Homme Alone

Listen / buy    The Great Road Of Departure Here

One thought on “I dont want to get over you.

  1. Now you have your CD in HEAVEN….seems like that would be good for SOMETHING!!
    Anyway, your blog made me cry again. (but that is ok, it was very well written)
    Love you!

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