It has come

To my attention very recently that we are all disposable.

I fully realize that yes, I have always known that people die and no matter what you do,  you will eventually die as well… This is not the issue for todays writing, it is merely a platform for the topic.

What are you doing with your life? How will you be remembered?

First of all, even typing this blog pisses me off just a bit because essentially, Once I get run over by Tiffany avidly texting in her Cabriolet, or choke on a handful of almonds (full of vitamins, you know!) This website will sit dormant. Sadly, Unlike the historical architecture of this city, It will not begin to decay, rust, or peel away beautifully for others to find aesthetics in. It will just sit until removed by the site owners and you will never see it again. All this time Im sitting here, drinking coffee and staring out the window, is wasted.

Anyways, It came blindingly clear to me the other day that no matter how comfortable you are with your life, It could be flipped upside down and throw dirt in your mouth at any moment. It really does not matter how much money you make, or how many “Friends” you have because your own attitude on life draws your own path for you, and you will follow it off a cliff if thats what type of palette you are painting with.

Every action in life sparks a reaction.

How you react is completely up to you.

Love / M.

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