Ill be damned..

It is no secret by any means, that one of my favorite bands is Katatonia. I really do not understand how someone could listen to them and go “eh, Its ok”. Im pretty sure comments like this could be weighted next to the equivalent of me having a small pageant winning daughter, and having some over-medicated mother throw hot coffee in her face. I am not about to go on some raging tirade about how this band is much better than all ten of your favorites combined (which they are) or how each studio release (8 thus far) have been consistently fucktacular.

Im going to shuffle through the hogwash and get straight to the point. Out of every album released, my absolute favorite is by far 1996’s “Brave Murder Day”. From start to finish this album rises from my speakers like a vapor of torment, slowly masturbating my eardrums until I violently explode into a full out scream fest.

NOTE: (I recently discovered that this album originally got sent to packaging before ever getting mastered… which not only depresses/blows my mind at the same time, it proves that DAN SWANO is a fucking psychopath behind the boards. This is reason for the 2006 re-master, which I have still yet to hear and am pretty sure I never will)

This album is also important because, The vocals were performed by Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth) due to Jonas Renkse’s inability to deliver the harsh vocal stylings as expected on such a recording. This inability to deliver eventually caused the band to drastically change their Death/Doom sound, which lead to the birth of “The discouraged ones”.

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